commotio cerebri

one time i had a dream that caulkin manor, our family house back in england, burned down, the family lost its porcelain, all the money was gone, and uncle cuthred had to join the regiment and go out to india -all because i had a concussion.

other things went wrong too.

a bump on the head does terrible things. it makes brain waves go screwy. it effects the affects. it makes repetition desirable. it makes scattered signals and mechanical leaps. it causes harsh tones and automatic beeps. it makes you dream of descending color and puts spirals around your temples in the morning. a bump on the head will knock you into the future - if you had it in the last century.

i travelled through the tunnel of injury. i went down through the tube of doom. i stood at the gate of folding when the world was unfolding. it was witnessed how the terrible scheme with the agendas of the ancients - now all dead, alas! hélas!- in their angry metal tanks and leather straps and wooden trousers, sought to conceal and steal. how they contorted the time into grammar, while i lingered in the place outside of custom and localized verbalizations. how they each other forced, with inkblots and hard paper, to become the twisted victims of calcified anger and mangled flesh.

it popped, popped, popped with insect intensity and diligent swirling. it carved out immovable verse when bending phrases were necessary. all was definite. all was active voice. all was crushed out of consonance with a desire for clarity. whatever ms. gorgonova did declare they obeyed, and preyed, and crept away. conduits and head games. thrashing switches and chemicals. the offertory coffin box. the pine cones oozing with imperceptible sap.

and you must make sounds. and these sounds must agree with what we have deemed and deigned to permit. or we will slaughter out your guts and your intestines will become our victims. we will reduce your mind to cheese through the sacred loops of witchdoctery.

and crack, crack, crack, it cost uncle cuthred a fortune because of the snap, and the family ended up in America where he met up with them in albany after being in india.

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