dr martinet's academy

one time i had a dream that bubbles, my pet fish, wrote the chapters of his biography about his time at school. 

he said that he didn't particularly enjoy it.

bubbles said that there was wayyyy too much regimentation. they had to arrive on time, repeat what the lecture said yesterday, and try not to think about life outside of the school. bubbles told me that he once wrote an essay about a radio poet who told funny verse. the dean of the school threatened to expel him because he was supposed to be taking a sociology exam on the sanctity of investment instead of composing essays. 

the dean, dr martinet, told him that bubbles was going to die on the gibbet if he didn't start doing his homework and making better grades at the examinations. however, at the present time, dr martinet said that a friday-night-detention and a week with out lunches would suffice.

they had a very strict dress code, too.

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