the very fascinating narrative

one time i had a dream that bubbles, my pet-fish, developed a working title for his biography.

The Very Fascinating Narrative
Of the Remarkable Lyfe and Musickſ
Of Mr Bubbleſ Petfish, D.J.

Being a plaine and truthfulle Descryption of his Subjection and Trials, for some twenty one years, under a moſt woeful Oppreſsion at the Hands of a Lunatick Muſtard Jumbler
And his Happy Liberation from those lamentable Conditionſ;
containing a Warning againſt Aprentiſhips, Indentures, and Wage-ſlavery

Printed for and Sold by the Author


my advice to bubbles was that his title was too long. people prefer short titles because they don't like to read. 

i told him he should just call it yellow noodles.  

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