flap my wings

one time i had a dream that a new programme on the interdimensional television. 

it was called "flap my wings"

the show was supposed to be about angels, but it wasn't very realistic. my pet fish, bubbles, said that it smelled very foul.

it had two seasons and it was cancelled, but it got picked up on an inter-dimensional tv network and they commissioned two more seasons. it centered around the problems of a group of good angels. they were often tempted and much of the drama on the show is built around this idea with the comic elements provided by the unexpected dialogues and decisions. 

the main character would find a reason to say "flap my wings" as a statement of astonishment or defiance. it was her catch phrase. 

the angels were afraid that people in their neighborhood were going to find out they were other-worldly beings and beat them up.

the only person who knew their secret was a their next door neighbor, david, who was a rabbi. he wasn't the kind of rabbi who was good on angels and arcane mystical stuff. he was the kind of rabbi you talked to if you were having problems in your marriage or to be at your kid's bar mitzvah. 

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