free my lil' homey!

one time i had a dream that they put my homey on trial. he wasn't one of my posse, or even from the adventures of the expanded crew, but still, that's my homey.

"i am a mind rabbit" said the judge, and there was no disagreement.

the other members of the court got up and made their proclamations. there were boat-flowers and tree-lions among the prosecutors. one of the defense barristers took off his wig to demonstrate how he was a leopard-bundle.

bubbles kept his place on the stand and tried to maintain his composure.

"mr petfish," said the chief prosecutor, "do you recall seeing the accused on the night in question?"

bubbles shifted a bit in his seat.


"And did you also notice anything unusual about the accused?"

-- no.

"no? mr petfish, would you consider wearing a stove-pipe hat a normal sartorial decision? i remind you that you are under oath."

-not unusual for the time of year. you see, it was old homies' week, and people wear their traditional costumes.

"OBJECTION!" shouted one of the pip-squeak associate prosecutors. the chief prosecutor turned around, smiled, and gave him the "easy, easy, slow down" hand signal.

"over-ruled" said the judge. 

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