vintage of the century!


to buy my mustard. 

supplies are limited so act now to take full advantage of this once in a year opportunity.

the 2014 vintage is down to its final batches and they may not last until wednesday night.
that's why it's so important that people make their mustard purchases now, if they want to partake of the excellent, legendary, 2014 vintage.

the 2014 is intended to be eaten young, and will be best in the next week, although it will be consumable into the early months of spring 2015.

it pairs well with potatoes and sauerkraut, omelettes des jambons, fried chicken, and asparagus dishes. 

if you're feeling adventurous try it on sushi. 

and, if you miss the chance to buy the last of 2014, don't worry about running out of mustard. 

i plan to start production of the 2015 vintage at midnight on january first, for a special new year's hogmany mix that goes great with pork.

the process of night mixing gives the mustard a particular viability not found in the heat of daytime mixes.

no matter what mustard you buy, remember, i made it with flavour

for you...

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